May 2016 meetups

Tue 24 May 2016 by Ivan

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PyData meetup happened on May 10. The topic was "Using Luigi and Scikit-Learn to create a Machine Learning Pipeline which trains a model and predict through a Rest API" by Atreya Biswas (meetup page, video).

PUGS meeting is on May 25th at Carousell, 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #03-14 Singapore 139951, Singapore ( map ).

RSVP here.

Big thanks to Carousell for the venue, pizzas and drinks!


  1. Writing a Serverless Python Microservice with AWS Lambda by David Chua.

    Synopsis: Want to run a Serverless Microservice? What is Serverless? In this short little introduction I'll demonstrate how to get a quick python microservice out from scratch into the cloud and never have to worry about infrastructure scaling ever again.

    Bio: David is a former Rubyist with strong inclination towards the infrastructure/backend side whom has joined the Dark Side about 2 months ago. He is looking forward to learning and contributing to the amazing PUGS community. In a former life, he run a digital consultancy but now works for

    (blog post, passlib repo, telegram bot repo)

  2. Update on PyConSG which is happening next month!