July 2017 meetup

Tue 06 June 2017 by Ivan

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Date: July 6, 7 to 9pm
Venue: Zendesk, 401 Commonwealth Drive Haw Par Technocentre, #07-01 (map)
Signup: meetup page.


7pm: Meet & Greet While everyone arrives, we have the chance to chat and mingle, Zendesk is kindly sponsoring snacks and soft-drinks.

7:30pm: Talk #1: Deep Learning with Python in Finance by Ben Ball

Abstract: Python is becoming the de facto standard for many machine learning applications. We have been using Python with deep learning and other ML techniques, with a focus in prediction and exploitation in transactional markets. I am presenting one of our implementations (A dueling double DQN - a class of Reinforcement Learning algorithm) in Python using TensorFlow, along with information and background around the class of deep learning algorithm, and the application to financial markets we have employed. Attendees will learn how to implement a DQN using Tensorflow, and how to design a system for deep learning for solving a wide range of problems. The code will be available on github for attendees.

Bio: Ben is a believer in making a career out of what you love. He is inspired by the joining of excellent technology and research and likes building software that is easy to use, but does amazing things. His work has spanned 15 years, with a dual focus in AI Software Engineering and Algorithmic Trading. He is currently working as the CTO of http://prediction-machines.com

8pm: Talk #2: Introduction to MicroPython - Mighty Python Running on Tiny Embedded Boards by Ovidiu Hossu

Abstract: Coming soon! Hardware-hackers listen up! Ovidiu will give an introduction to MicroPython and bring a few of his boards to run some real-world demos.

Big thanks to Zendesk for hosting us once again and Engineers.SG for recording the event!


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