October 2017 meetup

Thu 26 October 2017 by Ivan

Category: meetings Tagged: machine learning cloud

Date: October 25, 7 to 9pm
Venue: Zendesk, 401 Commonwealth Drive Haw Par Technocentre, #07-01 (map).
Signup: meetup page


7pm: Meet & Greet

7:30pm: NLTK and Friends by Liling Tan

The talk will be a basic crash course to Natural Language Processing (NLP). We will try to build a simple application in 30 minutes using NLTK and friends (Scikit-Learn, SpaCy, Gensim and maybe, just maybe PyTorch) [slides, code].

Liling is a data geek who works mostly with text processing and machine translation. He contributes to NLTK and seeks help from StackOverflow whenever he works with Pandas dataframe.

8:00pm: Introduction to AWS Lambda with Python by Maximilian Jackson

Max is a regular visitor of our monthly user group meetups and has been an active member of the Python User Group and an organizer of PyCon APAC and PyCon Singapore for years. He has recently had the need to figure out how to deploy Python functions to AWS Lambda and would like to share his findings with the community.