Python User Group Singapore 2018 AGM

Tue 19 February 2019 by Martin

Category: meetings

This AGM should have been held in November 2018, but unfortunately, some of the committee members were too swamped with work or out of country, so we couldn't squeeze in a suitable date before the Christmas break.

Similar to previous years, around 35 people attended the AGM. Michael Lee, who currently is the chairman of the society, presented what the Python User Group has achieved in 2018 and what we are planning to do in 2019.

In short:

  • We have held PyCon APAC 2018, our biggest PyCon in Singapore to date
  • Alongside PyCon APAC, we also held an EDU Summit and a Young Coder's Workshop
  • We have started conducting paid workshops in 2018
  • We have held 8 Python User Group Meetups in 2018

In 2019 we will continue in the same manner:

  • 21 volunteers have signed up to be on the committee of PyCon Singapore 2019
  • PyCon Singapore 2019 will likely be held in October 2019
  • EDU Summit and Young Coder's Workshop will happen again, probably around June/July
  • We are looking to sign up more trainers so we can conduct more workshops
  • We will continue to host one meetup every month

You can download the slides of Michael's presentation here: 2018-PUGS-AGM.ppt

If you would like to become a member of the Python User Group Society, you may sign up here: - The membership is free and comes with no strings attached. You will get an email from us once a year when we need to gather for the AGM and whenever we organise big events, like the EDU Summit, the Young Coder's Workshop or PyCon Singapore.