October 2018 Meetup

Thu 01 November 2018 by Martin

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Date: November 1, 7 to 9pm
Venue: Zendesk, 401 Commonwealth Drive, #07-01 (map).
Signup: meetup page

We couldn't find a good day in the last week of October, so our October 2018 Meetup actually took place on November 1st ;)

Talk 1: "Performance Improvements with Cython" by Kaivalya Rawal

Programming languages have various technical variations: compiled vs interpreted, statically typed vs dynamically typed, object-oriented vs functional, and so on. However, languages also vary by speed of execution, learning curves, syntax rules, and ease of use. Python does very well on the latter three accounts, and has thus seen spectacular growth in popularity. However execution speed, especially relative to lower level languages, often leaves something more to be desired. In this talk, we'll explore how to bridge this divide using static typing to improve speed, while retaining all the goodness and familiarity of Python.

Kaivalya is a computer science undergraduate from India, currently working as a research assistant at NTU. He spent the summer learning and optimising PracMLN - an open source Markov Logic Networks library, using Cython. His work has currently taken him into data modeling and network analysis, but he loves all things Python.

Video recording
Github repo

Talk 2: "30 Things in Python" by Yi Sheng Siow

Python can do a lot of things. Yi Sheng introduces 30 different things we can use the beautiful language for. From creating presentations to writing blogs to creating chatbots to doing deep learning, relearn the magic of Python with this talk. Demos and actual code for the demos will be shown and briefly explained. Resources for the demos will be shared after the talk.

Yi Sheng SIOW has experience working in numbers, web development and data analytics. He is trained in Accountancy and enjoys writing nice code.

Video recording Github repo