January 2019 Meetup

Thu 31 January 2019 by Martin

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Date: January 31, 7 to 9pm
Venue: Zendesk, 401 Commonwealth Drive, #07-01 (map).
Signup: meetup page

2019 is off to a good start. For the second year in a row, Zendesk has committed to hosting the Python User Group meetups every other month.

Talk 1: "Using Docker and Kubernetes to Simplify Machine Learning" by Timothy Liu

Managing the hardware, drivers, libraries and packages that make up a ML development environment can be hard. In this talk, I will introduce how Docker can be used to simplify the process of setting up a local ML development environment, and how we can use Kubernetes and Kubeflow to scale that standardised environment to provide scalable, web-based Jupyter environments for a large number of users, that can be served from both public cloud providers and from on-premise clusters.

Timothy is an undergraduate student at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and an intern at NVIDIA. He is passionate about making ML development more accessible and easier to manage.

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Talk 2: "Python and Power BI: Enhance the Way Users Interact with Your Data Science Work!" by Jeff Zi Wang Lim

Power BI, a business analytics tool by Microsoft announced support for Python in August 2018. This talk will demonstrate how Python users can leverage this opportunity to bring together their data science visualizations into business dashboards, allowing for even better business decisions. (Note: Jeff is not sponsored by nor work for Microsoft in any capacity)

Jeff Lim is the Analytics Lead of Paula’s Choice Singapore. He uses Data Science and Business Intelligence tools to gain insights from various data generated by the business. Currently, he is also the course instructor for various Python and Analytics courses in Port Education.

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