Mar 2015 meetup

Mon 09 March 2015 by Björn

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Another month, another meetup! This time it'll be on the 26th of March at the ThoughtWorks' office.

Venue: 87B Amoy Street #03/04, Singapore 069906, Singapore

If you want to attend then please sign up on our meetup page, as there is limited space please only mark yourself as attending if you are. And if you can't make it at a later time please change your status so people on wait list can come.

We're still looking for one more 10-15 minute talk, if you're interested please contact us!

PyCon Singapore is going to be June 17th to 19th and the call for proposals is up on the website, if you have something to share then please sign up!


  1. "Getting started with testing using Pytest and Mock" by Gabe Hollombe (video).

    Pytest is a great alternative testing framework to unittest from the standard library. It often lets you get the same tests written with far fewer lines of code, and it has a cool dependency injection system to help you share common test dependencies while keeping your tests understandable. I'll tell you all about how to get basic unit testing done, and I'll show you how to use Voidspace's Mock library to test collaborations between your objects, too.

    Gabe is a full-stack senior engineer at Neo Innovation, with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for sharing what he's learned. He's had the pleasure of speaking on four different continents about JavaScript, Ruby, Vim, and HTML5 Game development.

  2. "Developing real time applications in Django with Websockets" by Gerald Goh (video).

    I'll be showing how to build a simple real time chat application in Django using swampdragon.

    Gerald is a full stack developer at Apvera Pte. Ltd., a security analytics startup.

  3. "Five Python tips" by Martin Brochhaus (video, slides)

    We are hoping to repeat this talk with different speakers at the end of each meetup. Martin will make the start and give quick introductions to five Python tools that will make your life easier:

    • Virtualenv / pyenv
    • Tox
    • pip-tools
    • the @property decorator
    • Fabric

    Martin is the founder of Bitmazk Pte. Ltd., a Singapore based web development agency specialized on creating web apps with Python and Django. He is also part of the organizing committee for PyCon

    Singapore and an active member of Python User Group Singapore.

  4. Alfred from PyCon APAC will talk about the upcoming APAC conference in Taiwan.

  5. "How to learn and be productive with Python3 in a week" by Chris (video).

    Chris will talk about how you can go from knowing nothing of Python to being productive in a week.

    • Basic Python syntax and environment setup ( IDE, virtualenv )
    • Data types
    • How to use libraries

Would you like to speak at this or a future meetups?

You could share about your technology stack, how you solved a problem, your new library, or your opinions on best practices, so that people can get to know how awesome you are!

5 Python tips is a small segment at the end of meetup where you can share some things that make your Python life easier. A newly discovered core module, a library or some command line tool that makes your life better and/or easier.

So don't be shy! Step forward and share your knowledge!

For speaking please contact Björn, @gaqzi or, or Victor

See you all soon!

A big thanks to our venue sponsor