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Sat 13 December 2014 by Ivan

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First PyData SG meetup will happen on January 15, 2015 from 7 to 9:30pm at Spire Global, Red Dot Traffic building (#04-07, 28 Maxwell Rd, map).

Five talks (10-20 min each) are already lined up:

  • Thia Kai Xin: Optimization models (nbviewer)
  • Martin Andrews: Theano (& GPUs) (slides)
  • Asankhaya Sharma: Software security analytics (pptx)
  • Shubham Goyal/Girish Kumar: Introduction to scikit-learn (github)
  • Eugene Teo: Spyre (nbviewer)

Event page on FB

Updated 2015-01-15: Added links to presentations.