What is a Community Sponsorship?

As a community sponsor, you help us to finance the next PyCon SG in advance and to support our monthly meetups.

We will put your logo on our monthly meetup welcome slides and on our official website. This gives you permanent exposure on our website and a short shout-out at the end of each meetup.

You will have the opportunity to announce job offers from your company in our monthly newsletter. We will give you access to a system where you can key in open positions and whenever you update the file, we will include it in our next monthly newsletter and also display the job offer on our website.

Finally, you will appear as a Community Sponsor at our annual PyCon SG conference. Depending on how many months you have already contributed, you can top up your amount to the usual Silver (S$1,000), Gold (S$3,000), Platinum (S$5,000) sponsorship tiers, which would then also allow you to have a booth at the conference.

If you can think of other perks that would make a sponsorship attractive to you, please reach out to us at contact@pugs.org.sg – if your idea is a win-win situation for you and for the community we are sure that we can work something out.

If you sign up for the Community Sponsor tier, we will reach out to the email that you signed up with as soon as possible and discuss all further details.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel any time. If you had supported us for at least five month, you will still appear as a Community Sponsor at our next PyCon SG. If you had supported us for even more than S$1,000, you will even be invited to have a booth at PyCon SG.

How much does the sponsorship cost?

Please click at the "Become a member" button at the bottom right of the screen to see our current membership fees.