Python User Group Singapore 2019 AGM

Thu 05 December 2019 by Martin

Category: meetings

The 2019 AGM was held at the RedHat APAC office on December 5th 2019.

You can find the AGM meeting notes here.

As usual, the acting President of the Python User Group Society, Michael Lee, gave an overview of our finances and events that we have facilitated during the year:

  • We have held PyCon Singapore 2019 at Republic Polytechnic at Woodlands
  • Alongside PyCon, we also held an EDU Summit and a Young Coder's Workshop
  • We have continued conducting paid workshops in 2019
  • We have held 10 Python User Group Meetups in 2019

We proceeded with electing a new executive committee, the new roles are:

  • President: Martin Brochhaus
  • Vice President: Max Ong
  • Treasurer: Michael Lee
  • Secretary: Yoong Shin Chow
  • Python Community Fund Custodian: Dr. Liew Beng Keat
  • Honorary Auditors: Ka Ho, Maximilian Jackson

Outlook for 2020

As the team that is running PyCon every year will not have the time to commit to organizing a PyCon in 2020, there will be no PyCon Singapore in 2020, unless a new team volunteers to take on the task. The existing team is happy to assist a new team with a wealth of email templates, contacts, timelines and access to the website, bank accounts and ticket sales systems.

Instead of running a PyCon, the Year 2020 Executive Committee would like to work on a large number of tasks that have been on the TODO-lists for years, but never got executed because PyCon usually takes up all the time that our volunteers can afford, after full time jobs, family life and other personal projects.

In 2020 we would like to focus on strengthening the society as an organisation itself:

  • consolidate the and domains under the same registrar
  • create a Google Suite account for
  • use shared Google drives for different aspects of the society to make collaboration easier, especially when onboarding new committee members
  • make sure that all important documents are properly hosted on Google Drive and can be accessed by the relevant members
  • create individual email addresses for each executive committee role (ie
  • create a LinkedIn organization for PUGS, add the acting committee members to that organisation
  • create web forms for community members to submit proposals for talks for the monthly meetups
  • create web forms for community members to become official members of the society
  • find a replacement for tot avoid their new pricing scheme
  • find a better forum for discussions, Facebook is too proprietary, not indexed, too much flooded with spam, too hard to moderate
  • grow the use of the Slack channel as an active community resource
  • prepare a huge set of documentation, email templates, timelines, contact information, vendor lists etc. to allow any team to run a PyCon in Singapore

The most important project shall be to explore ways to offer a paid membership for the Python User Group Singapore. A small annual fee of S$20 could potentially allow us to host future PyCons at vastly better venues and generally make the community more financially independant from corporate sponsors.

As part of this project, we seek to find good incentives to make a paid membership worth it for our members.

Here's to an exciting year 2020!