After two years in COVID hibernation, we think that it is time for the Python User Group Singapore to come back to life.

Since we had not held an AGM in 2021 due to COVID and lockdowns, we held an AGM on 30th August, 2022 and elected a new organizing committee.

You can find the AGM meeting notes here.

New Organizing Committee

The new organizing committee consists of the following members:

President: Max Ong

Vice President: Michael Lee

Treasurer: Martin Brochhaus

Secretary: Yoong Shin Chow

Honorary Auditors: Ivan Zimmie and Stamford Yao

Membership Fees for PUGS members

During the AGM we discussed the idea to introduce a paid membership tier for PUGS. This will solve the problem of keeping track of who actually is an active member and should have voting rights at the AGM. By using (this new website) in combination with Stripe (to collect membership fees), we will always know who is currently subscribed as a paid member and should therefore get an invitation to the AGM.

We hope to attract a critical mass of paid members that would allow us to organize bigger and better PyCon SG conference and to organize more attractive monthly meetups.