In July we had our meetup at the cozy Library@Harbourfront, where Rajan gave an excellent talk about all things color with Python.

You can find the recording on Youtube:

If you would like to give a talk at an upcoming meetup or you know someone who could contribute a talk, please have a look at our talk proposal form:

Our Telegram group grew to 69 members. If you would like to get an invite link, just show up at one of our upcoming meetups. We currently have two events scheduled:

We are also very happy to welcome a new member to the Python User Group Society. While still a small group, we should have enough full members now to start planning members-only events. We will aim for a first event in September. If you like the meetups and talks that we are hosting, please consider joining the Singapore Python User Group Society as a full member. You can find out more about our membership here: