After a lot of discussion, preparation and testing, we are excited to announce that there is now a paid membership tier for the Python User Group Singapore society.

Don't worry! Everything that we have been doing (monthly meetups, workshops, PyCon) will still be accessible for free by everyone.

For those who want to engage more actively with the Python User Group Singapore, the membership costs SGD $50/year or SGD $5/month.

For a full explanation of all membership perks, please read our Membership page.

Since most of the money that you would pay as member will be pro-rated towards a PyCon SG conference ticket, we will use membership signup numbers as a gauge for PyCon SG interest. As soon as 100 paid members have signed up, we will begin the planning of the next PyCon SG conference.

Another important goal that we hope to reach with these membership fees is to become cashflow positive. At the moment, we are slowly burning through the society's savings as there are a few fixed cost that occur every month (domain, hosting, Google Workspace, fees, etc). It is not a huge amount of money, so we should reach this goal fairly quickly.

Finally, we are planning to organise a few networking events that are for paid members exclusively - these events would be in addition to the free monthly meetups that we are already doing.

As described on our Membership page, we will reach out to every member who subscribes via email in order to get to know you all better to learn how we can work on making PUGS and your membership as useful as possible.